When Disputes Arise Over Adjoining Properties

When "neighbor law" boundary disputes over property lines, fencing and adjoining properties seem destined for a courtroom battle, the attorney who works hard to resolve your issue, in and out of court, is Darrin Class in Vancouver.

At the Darrin Class, Attorney at Law, law firm, you can expect attentive personal service and protection of your rights throughout the legal process.

Mr. Class has served a diverse roster of appreciative real estate law clients in a wide variety of capacities for 23 years. His knowledge of how to reach favorable outcomes through skillful negotiation and aggressive litigation has built a track record of success.

Are you concerned about a neighboring residence's or business's encroachment on or near property that is rightfully yours? Are you unclear as to ownership of a tree or fence that divides properties in your neighborhood? Darrin Class can help.

Experienced Washington Lawyer Handling Real Estate Disputes

Boundaries can be blurred over time by a broad range of reasons, including inclement weather, tides, slopes and land movement. Darrin Class researches your specific situation, using his familiarity with the effects of changing topography and understanding of land surveying strategies to offer recommendations for a resolution.

Put Mr. Class' extensive experience with adjoining properties and adverse possession matters to work for you, starting today. Contact him to schedule your initial consultation by calling 360-524-4805 or sending an email message.